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Children who have been adopted and raised by adoptive parents often have the desire to locate their birth parents in order to provide them with the answers to their many questions. Locating their birth parents can help many individuals understand any potential health risk they may be facing or face in the future. It will also help a lot of individuals have the peace of mind they have been searching for. At PISolutions, we can help those who have been adopted as well as parents who have given children up for adoption to locate their biological family members.

So, you are ready to begin the journey and start your adoption search. You now need to decide whether to search on your own or hire a private investigation agency. Here are a few things to consider when opting for the latter:


1) Be sure to hire a licensed private investigation agency (such as PISolutions). Ask any agency you are considering for their license number and verify it. (Buyer Beware: If you hire an unlicensed investigator / researcher to conduct your adoption search, they do not receive any oversight by their state. They may even be performing an illegal service by offering investigative services without a license. You will be providing an unlicensed, unregulated person with your most personal information!)


2) Hire a licensed private investigation agency that understand adoption searching. Why? Would you hire a podiatrist to perform an appendectomy? Would you hire a civil attorney for a criminal case? Investigation agencies specializing in locating people have knowledge of adoption law, proprietary contacts, access to birth indexes, knowledge of genealogy, specialized databases and more for a successful adoption search.


3) Hire an experienced licensed investigator. Learn how long they have been reuniting birth families. Ask for specifics, even details on past cases. Ask for references from past clients. Speak to others who have used their adoption search service who are not listed as references.

PISolutions possesses all three factors - which is why we are ready to get started on your case today! 

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