Some of the most common reasons to obtain a background check...

At PISolutions, we can conduct a thorough and complete financial, civil, or criminal background search on any individual or business. With our background searches, we can gather a variety of types of information including arrest records, criminal histories, financial reports, education and work histories, and other important information. To learn more about our civil and criminal background search and professional background search services, please call us directly today.

  • When Starting a New Relationship: With the increasing rates of divorce and the changing circumstances of how individuals meet, individuals often choose to perform background searches on their significant other before taking the next step in a relationship to become more serious, move in together, or get married. A civil and criminal background investigation can reveal a person’s honesty and uncover any information they may have tried to keep hidden.

You do not need the subject's social security number to obtain a background check. The more information you are able to provide; the better. Results will vary depending on many different factors regarding the subject. The report will be emailed to you within 24-72 hours of receiving payment - based on the type of search requested.

Some of the information that we are able to provide in the background searches includes:

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  • Before Trusting Child Care Workers, Maids, & Nanny’s: Before welcoming strangers into your home or trusting strangers to provide care for your children, many individuals will perform a background search. This will reveal any dishonesty or undesirable information that the person may have tried to hide. In this way, civil and criminal background searches can protect you and your loved ones from harm.

We have access to the local and national non-consumer information databases and resources, which we can utilize when performing civil and criminal background searches. This allows us to compile comprehensive reports that can include a variety of types of information on individuals or companies. The level of investigation and depth of the reports that we provide will depend on your particular needs and the reasoning for conducting the search.


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• Criminal & Arrest Report
• Sex Offender Records
• Civil Filings
• Liens & Judgments
• Bankruptcies
• Assets & Ownerships
• Property Values
• 30 Year Address History
• Phone Number Locator
• Email Address Locator
• Work History Report
• Marriage Records
• Licensing Checks and Records
• Driving and Vehicle Records
• Relatives Information
• Associates Information
• Neighbors Information
• Social Security Number Investigation


  • When Hiring New Employees: It is important for companies to conduct background investigations before hiring employees in order to ensure that they are hiring honest and qualified employees. Additionally, conducting criminal background searches can reveal any history of arrest, violence, or other criminal charges. This will help employers ensure that they are providing a safe work environment for other employees. Finally, performing civil and criminal background searches on potential employees can also reveal employment and education history and verify legal employment status and certifications of these individuals.


  • When Accepting New Tenants: Landlords and apartment rental companies will often perform civil and criminal background searches of individuals or businesses before accepting a new tenant in order to protect their property, fellow tenants, and their financial interests.

From researching a company or person’s financial background before joining into a contract to investigating an individual’s criminal history before trusting them in your home and around your family, civil and criminal background searches can protect you, your business, your property, and your family from dishonest or dangerous individuals.