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The Fairfax County Law Enforcement Foundation provides many different programs and services. We decided to contribute to help with the defense training for women against domestic violence.

Many of our staff members are of the female gender, so domestic violence against women is something we take very serious.

People need to understand and be aware that we are facing a major problem with domestic violence. Check out the website, and help where you can.

Fairfax County Law Enforcement Foundation

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We are proud sponsors of "The Fight For Autism".

Autism continues to affect many individuals and families across the world.

We need to understand the importance of accommodating people the disorder. We must also raise awareness, and continue to work on more treatments.

The Fight For Autism

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Maryland Coalition For Homeless

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Every holiday season, PISolutions will choose a local homeless shelter to provide a hot meal to during the holiday season.

This past Christmas, we were honored to be able to provide breakfast to the men at MCCH, in Montgomery County, MD.

We understand how being alone and/or homeless can have an impact on your life. During the holiday season, this can be most difficult. We offer free services to homeless individuals who would like to locate a long lost relative or friend.

The owner of PISolutions understands the importance of giving back - whether is be a donation to a charity, or volunteering in the community. We continue to contribute to the less fortunate, the victims of domestic violence, people with special needs and many other areas where we can help. We are currently in the process of opening our non profit sector to offer almost all of our services at no charge to low income individuals or families. Continue to check back for updates.

How We Get Involved?

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