We at PISolutions also have sources of information and contacts that might be more comfortable discussing information about your child with us rather than with dealing with possible repercussions from the police. We can get important information about the where your child might be that might not be given to the police. And, we can get this information quickly and efficiently.


We use the latest in technology in its investigations. If finding your child involves the best of surveillance technology or the best technical internet and social networks experts, PISolutions is ready to go.


Regardless of whether your child is a runaway or has been stolen, someone will be looking over a shoulder for the police, knowing that the police are looking for your child. However, no one will be looking and watching for private investigators. Our personnel know this and will use it to their advantage when finding your child. Our investigators are discrete as well as dedicated.

They're children, they're gone, they may or may not have disappeared by their own choice, but they need to be found; FAST! Law enforcement takes missing children very seriously, as do we. Using PISolutions can add another level of assistance in a situation where time is an extremely critical element. Having our resources at your disposal might make the difference in finding your child right away.


We have the ability to dedicate personnel to finding your child. While police departments have a large number of resources, those resources are sometimes stretched thin. And, what happens when the next call comes, and then the next call comes, and the next call comes in to the police? Will they be able to focus only on your child? You need someone who will work on finding your missing or lost child consistently, diligently, and quickly without distractions.


Working with PISolutions as well as the police department has other advantages. For example, we are not hampered by crossing jurisdictional lines or having to deal with any internal police politics. PISolutions can get information from many different locations without dealing with jurisdictional matters with which the police, with all of their hard work, have to spend valuable time. We does not have to deal with some of the flack that some police departments encounter that might slow an investigation down. We can save valuable time in a missing child investigation.


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There is no typical runaway. There is no typical crisis situation. However, there is information that helps us determine what runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth face on the street.


Do not wait. Time is of the essence when looking for a runaway or lost child. Every minute may put more distance between you and your child. Every minute may put your child at even more risk. Every minute can make your child harder to find. Our results-oriented professionals can start working to bring your child home NOW.

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